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How We Do Things ?

In Web Project, we follow Web Project process to satisfy our client’s business needs to make presence of their business on web. We follow steps from Web Consultation, Web Analysis, Web Proposal, Web Planning, Web Application and Web Testing to Web Launching. We had explored each step in depth to clear our client’s understanding form initial stage to final stage.

Step 1: Web Consultation

We offer free consultation process to identify the client’s needs, time frame and scope of your web project. All project details will be taken down and drawn on the graphic software to give real fill snapshot of the project. Then we send this snapshot to our client through a convenient communication channel which suits our client’s needs like email, telephone or meeting.

Step 2: Web Analysis

Our Web Project team will take all details of the core needs of your business via email and telephone to establish the aims and objectives of your Web Project. The data may include target markets, target audience, target keywords etc. Our Web Project team will scrutinise your business, its competitors and its target markets to position the website in it define targeted markets. Our team will include your initial input and suggestions on your Web Project. We use most important Web Project technologies like ASP.Net, SQL, etc to develop your Web Project.

Step 3: Web Proposal

Our Web Project team will carry research on your core business needs, your competitor’s websites and the target markets where your Web Project will perform. On the ground of the collected data our web design team create a web proposal to show structure with detailing about what we will do, how we will do that and the total cost of Web Project.

Web proposal will be sent to you for your approval. Once we you accept proposal and send us confirmation of your acceptance of our proposal we will request for 50% deposit of an invoice to start web project.

Step 4: Web Planning

Our project manager will communicate with you in the most convenient way and will keep updating you with the development process of your web project. Our project manager will allocate Web Project team to work on your project. Stage will start with development of the branding of your web home page. This process will involve creating logo design, brand management and colour management of your website. Our team will send you a choice of logos to choose most appropriate logo suit to your business goal and needs. On the selection of logo we will start creating the initial design of the screenshots of your web project to show and make you fill how your website will look on completion.

Step 5: Web Application

On the approval of all web proposal pages our Web Development team will work on development of the coding of your Web Project.

Our Web Development team believe to work on secure ASP.net Microsoft technology to develop codes for your Web Project with the help of SQL database to hold your all data securely to project most expensive assets of your business.

Step 6: Web Testing

On the completion of web project, the project will be tested on local and web server to work on the debug errors before it completed with approval seals.

Step 7: Final Testing

Once Web Project is tested, the project manager and you will work together on the website again and again to guide you all stages on how to manage the website by yourself. We make sure that our customers are fully satisfied with development process on each and every stages we followed to achieve the best results.

Step 8: Web Launching

On the completion of final testing of your web project and approval from you on the completion of entire whole project we will send you the final invoice. On the payment your web project will go on web onto its domain name and up and running to use for your targeted audience.

Zofax Websolutions have strong interest in building long-term business relationships with our customers and clients around the World. We are also looking forward to hear from you and give us opportunity to deliver the best for your business.

Please call us on (0091) 79 22200056 or email us on web@zofaxwebsolutions.com for free consultation.

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