Technology We Use

Our development team uses following main technologies to develop all web projects with W3C standards-complains.

Client-Side Technologies


    A markup language use to structure all information for presentation as web pages. These pages have highest standards which can fast download, are all browsers compatible and search engine friendly.

  • CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)

    A style which use to controls how web pages are displayed in the browser. It also help ensure that web pages are so highly presented in standard that users can easily access over a wide range of media.

  • JS (JavaScript)

    A lightweight scripting technology which is used highly with XHTML documents to make web projects more interactive and presentable.

Server-Side Technologies


    A server-side web technology which takes an object-oriented programming approach to web page execution.

  • SQL Server

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  • Multimedia Flash multimedia

    A technology which provides web development with animation, sound, interactivity and database integration. Its plugin which integrate with the major web browsers.

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