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Web Redesign

Web redesign is the process of revamping your web design to keep it fresh, up-to-date, and user-friendly. With ongoing maintenance and amendments to the original structure of your web design degrades the information and technology. New technology and concepts in web design are created each year, with many focusing on making the user experience easier and more enjoyable. Web redesign is necessary for your company to make sure your products or services stands out between the competitors.

“IF your web development project hasn’t been updated in the last 3 to 5 years, it is the time for you to have it evaluated for better results.”

Why you need?

  • An improved online presence can help you build your company brand, while creating better rankings within the search engines.
  • To strongly rebuild branding of your business and customers to increase their reach into a specific consumer field or industry.
  • You need to re-written contents of your website which are search engine friendly.
  • Even though most of the contents are suitable to the needs of your business, your site might require a slight updating with SEO relevant contents.
  • Easy for potential customers to find and identify with what they want.

How we do it?

Zofax Websolutions team do analyses on your present web design and create re-design structure of your projects. The web redesign structure is elaborated in detail in the following below points:

  • Typography

    A successful web project has only a few typefaces which are of a similar style and can be incorporate with all browser settings instead of using a range of typefaces. Zofax WebSolutions team strongly works on typefaces for your web projects to avoid unnecessary complications on the browsers settings by using a specific number of safe fonts.

  • Page layout

    Zofax WebSolutions team works on web pages layout to improve navigation for your targeted audience. We strongly focus on the sites page layout for navigation purposes in which navigation layout remain consistent for jumping from one informative page to discounts and offers pages other without extra efforts.

  • Quality of code

    While creating a web projects it is good practice to conform to standards in coding. This includes errors in code and better layout for code. Not conforming to standards in coding may not make a web project unusable or error prone. Zofax WebSolutions works on high quality of codes taking in all consideration of standards in web development world. We validate our work via W3C.

  • Visual design

    Good visual design on a web design identifies and works for its target market. Zofax WebSolutions analyses age group or culture to understand the trends of its audience. Our design team understand the type of web project your business needs before designing. Our team design the aesthetics design of your web project considering not clashing with the content, making it easier for the user to navigate and can find the desired information or products.

  • User experience design

    Zofax WebSolutions team works strongly on navigation layout, clear instructions and labelling for your website to give great experience to your web users. We also make sure that users interact and perceive the usefulness of your web contents which make them to continue using it. For experience users who are skilled and well versed on web use, your website encourages them for further use.

Zofax Websolutions have strong interest in building long-term business relationships with our customers and clients around the World. We are also looking forward to hear from you and give us opportunity to deliver the best for your business.

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